Your Mind Creates Your Reality
SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® is a new specially developed method of treatment.
Its origins are in “Psycho-Kinesiology” by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.In 2016 ‘SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®’ was patented as a seperate brand.The term kinesiology comes from the Greek “kinesis”, meaning ‘movement’ and “logos” meaning ‘teaching’.
Kinesiology makes use of the fact that all muscles are under control of the subconscious.
Using muscle testing techniques we connect with the subconscious and find beliefs that prevent us from e.g. living happy relationships, being successful or healthy in life.Most studies of human behaviour confirm that our behaviour is a direct reflection of our belief system as programmed by our life experiences.
All human cells store information as memories, and memories can be reprogrammed.
Can this really be done? The answer is “Yes”.Every experience is stored in the subconscious. The muscle test gives us feedback through the body – what strengthens it or what blocks it.People tend to suppress unresolved emotional conflicts or traumatic experiences because they are too painful to process but then continue to be burdened by them on a subconscious level. This leads to acute and chronic physical and psychological ailments.
Furthermore, during traumatic situations unconscious blocking beliefs (inner convictions) are always formed which can in turn prevent us from leading a fulfilled, happy or healthy life for years. With the help of the muscle test we are able to communicate directly with the subconscious via the body and thereby locate the origin of the ailment.
The traumatic experience is made conscious, negative beliefs are replaced by positive ones (which are activated and stored anew in the body and mind via acupuncture points) and patterns and stress triggers are located and deleted.

SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® combines elements of psychosomatic therapy work, knowledge regarding chakras and Quantum-Physics with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and meridian systems, aura surgery, modern sciences (e.g. Neurology) as well as other self-developed techniques.


Blocking beliefs (convictions) are completely erased from the mental field (where thoughts and convictions are stored). Positive beliefs are activated and strengthened in the body using ‘Mental Field Therapy’ according to Dr. Klinghardt.
Stressful emotions and patterns are completely deleted from the emotional field (where the feelings are stored).
Traumatic shock experiences are deleted from the tissues, bones and blood of the physical body using acupuncture points. The chakras are brought into balance and harmonised.
Possible imprints (or oaths) from previous lives are erased.
Aura surgery cleanses the human aura field of implants and restrictions on the consciousness.
Energy work is used to nourish, strengthen, purify and balance the body field.
Focus work employs the law of attraction promotes client awareness regarding questions like: where do I focus my thoughts? What do I bring into my life?
The goal is that the client learns to take full responsibility and create their own reality through awareness and observation of their own thoughts, and thereby their feelings.

Especially helpful regarding:

chronic ailments,
anxiety, panic attacks, depression,
metabolic disorders
allergies, food intolerances,
relationship problems, work-related problems
pain, discomfort, insecurity, stress, mobbying
learning difficulties, fatigue, lethargy
This is also a very effective method for the general support of personal developement.

“Am I happy with my life as it is now?”
Am I ready to take responsibility for it? to change it myself to the way that I want from the bottom of my heart?”
There is a solution for everything
I am very happy to support and accompany you on your path.