Your Mind Creates Your RealityIn 2013 I founded a new treatment called SYNERGETISCHE KINESIOLOGIE®.
It connects elements of psychsomatic therapy, Chakras and modern science Quantum-Physics with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Throughout our lives, everything we experience is programmed into our belief system, thus forming the basis of our unique personality and fundamentally influencing our behaviour in any given situation.

These beliefs colour our attitudes towards ourselves and the world that we live in.
To us, as an individual, a belief is a “fact”, particularly if it is a subconscious belief ->it remains a fact.
Whatever others may say or think does not change that perception even when our logical brain knows that it is a false fact.


Most studies of human behaviour confirm that our behaviour is a direct reflection of our belief system as programmed by our life experiences.
All human cells store information as memories, and memories can be reprogrammed.
Can this really be done? The answer is “Yes”.
Kinesiology makes use of the fact that all muscles are under control of the subconscious.
Using muscle testing techniques we connect with the subconscious and find beliefs that prevent us from e.g. living happy relationships, being successful or healthy in life.
We erase these negative beliefs and replace them with new, positive ones.
As everything in life is a reflection of our own mind and thoughts, our life will change to the positive.It has positive effects on

your relationships, work life,
wealth and helps for
pains of all kind, burnout
anxiety, panic attacks, depression
allergies, food intolerance
stress, mobbing
fatigue and many more