relax deeply
Quantum-Shiatsu Cranio-Sacral

Free yourself. Feel your stability. Be centered and balanced. Find your inner peace. Be happy and feel light.
Quantum-Shiatsu promotes the harmonizing of physical, mental and psychological well-being in the whole body.
Your body’s innate self healing process is activated. The natural energy channels vie the meridians of the human body is enhanced. Blockages are eliminated.

Shiatsu is the combination of very old and some more recent skills, which were developed about a hundred years ago in Japan. Shiatsu combines thousand year old Japanese techniques, with traditional and modern Chinese Medicine together with western massage techniques.
Over the years I developed a new technique, combining Shiatsu with Cranio-Sacral, Quantum-Bodywork and energy work, therefore “Quantum-Shiatsu”.
I found every person and body needs different techniques to gain highest benefits.
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