Clearing /Spagyric – find your inner peace

Are you e.g. constantly fighting for being seen or respected?
Or is there a person or group in your life with whom you never seem to find acceptance or peace?

These are a few examples of topics which are solved in clearings.

The process is supported with Spagyric essences (Information medicine) by Dr. Carl Friedrich Zimpel (1801-1879).
Spagyrics which is Greek for “disconnect” “reassemble”, dates back to Theophrastus Bombastus of Hohenheim (1493-1541) also known as Paracelsus, and refers to the alchemical extraction process in which only medicinal plants are used.

The special feature of Dr. Zimpel’s methodology is that the flavorings, minerals and trace elements of the plants are fully preserved during the manufacturing process. The plant substances are fermented, destilled and turned into ash and as such humand beings can harness the plant’s complete healing power.

Spagyric medicine is information medicine that works in the background at the cellular and consciousness level and is used to support in process work.

According to Dr. Zimpel, Spagyrics have had good results regarding both acute and chronic ailments.

The dosage determines whether treatment takes place more on a physical, emotional or mental level.