Mary Fleimisch 

Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
Cranio-Sacral Practitioner
Quantum Bodywork, Aura surgery
Singing bowl massage
Yoga Teacher RYT
Energetic field cleansing
Essential Oils

* bio energy healing * body treatments * many years of experience * professional sympathetic and empathic coaching *

Lived in Borneo/Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany, England and Cairo. Mother of two children

2013 foundation SYNERGETISCHE KINESIOLOGIE nach Fleimisch®

2010-2009 training in Quantum Bodywork
International Shiatsu School Austria, Graz

2008 training as Cranio-Sacral Practitioner
Gesundheitswerkstatt Vienna

2006-2005 training in Taiji, Qigong, Wushu-Congfu
grand master Prof. Wang Dongfeng, Daoist monk He Xian

1999 training as Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
European Shiatsu Institute Vienna, Rome, Zurich and Munich

1998 training in Reiki,
Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy,
Cooking with the 5 Elements

– 1998 Employed as Chief Executive Assistant
Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division, Vienna

Until 1998 I worked as a Chief Executive Assistant at Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division. 60 to 70 working hours per week were the norm and even though we were paid overtime I still began to ask myself: “What use is the money, if I have no life?” Everything seemed pointless and depression began to creep in.
My path to healing myself also led me to begin the most important journey of my life – the journey to self (re)discovery. This brought about the biggest changes in all aspects of my life and my being.
I changed my diet, learned to meditate, started practicing Sivananda Yoga in 1999 and later on studied martial arts. I also began to consume loads of books on human psyche, spirituality and quantum-physics.
After the birth of my first child I participated in a Shiatsu open-house evening ‘by coincidence’, after which point one thing simply led to the other.
I realised that only I myself am responsible for my happiness and well-being, and as convenient as it may be to blame external circumstances and others, did i really want to be powerless and forever remain in the role of the victim?! No!
Was I finally ready to take my life into my own hands to be the director of my life now and create my own very personal film? YES!

My big heart allows me to empathise intuitively with what people need for their well-being.
Infinite gratitude fills me and I feel so blessed to exercise my vocation as my work.
I lovingly support your process of creating a life for yourself according to your own wishes and needs.

My insights and knowledge also extend and flow into my yoga lessons.
The goal of Hatha Yoga is to maintain a healthy mind and body by nurturing agility and flexibility within the body.
The essence of my yoga lessons, as well as my Quantum-Shiatsu-Cranio sessions, is for you to feel your own body, let go of your thoughts, be in the present moment, immerse yourself in yourself and experience the touch of your very own light and beauty.