Mary Fleimisch 

Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
Cranio-Sacral Practitioner
Quantum Bodywork
Singing bowl massage
Aura surgery
Energetic field cleansing
Essential Oils

* bio energy healing * body treatments * many years of experience * professional sympathetic and empathic coaching *

Born 1971, lived in Borneo/Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany and Cairo
Mother of two children


2013 foundation SYNERGETISCHE KINESIOLOGIE nach Fleimisch®

2010-2009 training in Quantum Bodywork
International Shiatsu School Austria, Graz

2008 training as Cranio-Sacral Practitioner
Gesundheitswerkstatt Vienna

2006-2005 training in Taiji, Qigong, Wushu-Congfu
grand master Prof. Wang Dongfeng, Daoist monk He Xian

1999 training as Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
European Shiatsu Institute Vienna, Rome, Zurich and Munich

1998 training in Reiki,
Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy,
Cooking with the 5 Elements

– 1998 Employed as Chief Executive Assistant
Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division, Vienna